Dub Dillah

Dub Dillah (Benjamin Carranza Guzmán), born in Mexico City in 1980.
Began learning music from 5 years of age, joining the reggae scene in 1996 as a saxophonist in the “Reggata” band, original from DF Mx. Having 2 records recorded, In 2000 he started as a member and founder of the band musician, Bungalo Dub, and on the side produced for Dukas, one of the most important in contemporary Mexican scene.

In 2010 he founded the group “Weedical Dub” with OsoDub, bassist and producer of Unidub Estazion. Weedical dub is a live experience where different musical styles mixed around the dub reggae and roots of our land are mixed and also seeks to share music production and live acts with different musicians.

The musical experience and the need to express what the soul experiences in life led me to create Dub Dillah, a project that emerged in 2012, performing original productions with Mexican and foreign artists, always with the aim of sharing the a message of unity and awareness to the audience.
With Bungalo Dub: Maka B, Brother Culture, Mad Proffesor, Vibronics, Brain Damage, 6Blooc, Alika, Lengualerta, Manik B, Akil Amar, among many other national artists, and now works on the 3rd fullband Bun- galo dub album.

With Weedical Dub: Natty Fyah, Culture Brown, Tsunami Wa-zahari, Majd Hubb and Joe Pilgrim, Arkaingelle, Fikir Amlak, Sista Freedom. Leona Ethiopia, Fundazión Negra, ibel Campbell

Solo: Live with Ras Cocoman of Cuba, Light and Order with Brother Cul- ture from UK, Fikir Amlak from Los An- geles, Sgt. Remo from Arizona, Lioness Fonts from UK, Horns of Jericho from UK, Dan I and Imperial Sound Army from Italy, some productions with Igor Rolim de Brazil, Ibel Campbell, Kugaman, Cul- ture Brown of Jamaica, and from Latino- america some artist like Natty Fyah and Sound Taboo of Colombia, Tiano Bless from Chile, Dominican Republic Fun- dazión Negra



Dub Dillah meets Gianna
Stand Up
Revolucion in dub
Nah look back
Wise Delivery
Light and Order​/​Luz y Orden
Truth right. Aquellos presentes
Vive. Cocoman feat. Duble Dillah
Tsunami Wazahari meets Weedical
Dub Dillah meets Ibel Campbell . Growing. 2013
Weedical . Memba Kugaman . 2012
Weedical . Bass Season . 2012